Max Tech

Max Tech

Creating a modern, competitive and enjoyable workplace

From in-office to portable solutions, we help engage your team and transform your business.

Our full-service technology offer means we can advise you not only on your hardware requirements, but also create a bespoke, modern, productive and enjoyable workplace for everyone.

Looking to increase your office efficiency? We have a range of customisable solutions that help reduce the amount of repetitive, time-consuming tasks for your employees, increase productivity and save you valuable time and money.

Partners and specialists in technology

Our friendly team of highly trained Technology Specialists will work with you to identify and provide the optimum solution for your individual business needs.

We’re a trusted partner of all of the technology brands you know and love and our qualified team members are available to help create, install and roll out your solution. 

Our specialist technology offer includes:

  • PC, notebook, and tablet solutions and hardware
  • Full-suite software, licensing and app solutions
  • Document management solutions from printers to managed solutions
  • Communication suites from desk to call centre
  • Total interactive solutions from touch screen to touch wall
  • Best fit accessories from cutting edge to ruggedised
  • Meeting room fit outs from projection and audio to video conferencing
  • Sound systems for the classroom, school hall or sports field
  • Visitor sign-in and ID access systems
  • Device integration, on boarding and roll out
  • Full installation for all solutions

Looking for more detailed information or a list of our solutions? Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch!

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